Arboreal Tree Climbing - 12 Meter


Create a tree climbing adventure with the Arboreal Climbing System! All you need is a tree to create custom climbing challenges up to 12 meter tall. This easy to install set includes 30 straps, 30 baseplates, and 30 handholds to get your climbing adventure started. Create climbing adventures for all ages and abilities! The Arboreal Climbing System is designed to withstand the elements while also being gentle on trees. There is no drilling required, and each ratchet strap is outfitted with a tree guard to protect the bark. The simple design makes it easy to change the location, change holds, and create new climbing challenges

If your climbing route is taller than 4 meters you may want to add a Universal mount, which lets you set up at top rope or mount a TRUBLUE Auto Belay.

Only for customers in Scandinavia.

Category Arboreal

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